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Check out the link to EMS responder

http://www.emsresponder.com/readingroom/ Or the direct link: http://www.emsresponder.com/web/online/Reading-Room/QandA-with-Joseph-F-Clark–PhD/55$13359  will take you to EMSresponder.com where My Ambulance Education is featured along with some other EMS books. It includes a full chapter excerpt and an interview with me.

For anyone

For anyone who wants to know what it is like to write a memoir it is easy to give a brief philosophy that partially addresses that question. That is if you do not get yourself emotionally involved and in tears, you are not honest enough with what you are writing. What brings people to read [...]

Why I think Oprah should promote My Ambulance Education.

Why I think Oprah should promote My Ambulance Education. It has all the characteristics she tends to promote. In it there is a great human interest concerning people helping people. There is a solid foundation of the common man working to improve his life and overcoming adversity. This is overlaid in it a touching love [...]

One year and counting.

It has been one year since I started my blog. During that year My Ambulance Education has been released. The book and blog have facilitated my reconnection with numerous friends from my past. I’ve also continued my research into diagnosis and treatment of neurologic disorders has made tremendous strides towards success. I have been invited [...]

Interview Concerning My Ambulance Education

Greg Friese interview; My Ambulance Education. Recently I was interviewed by Greg Friese concerning My Ambulance Education and it was great fun. Greg had graciously supplied me with some sample questions he would start with and that helped break the ice. We talked about the general contents of the book and why I wrote it. [...]

Calls can change you for good or bad.

In Shannon Burke’s novel, “Black Flies” he talks about an event that he claims occurs to all EMS personnel. First, I completely agree with his description and think that he gives a great insight into what happens when a person endures an ambulance call that has the potential to change the people involved. The job [...]

Professional writing versus scientific writing

An interesting paradox has arisen. An email came through my website that commented on “My Ambulance Education” and referred to it as my first professional writing. That comment, while kind in its intention, gave me pause for thought. I actually do consider myself a professional writer and did so before this. My job as a [...]