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Chapter 18d. The Lighter Side of Being a Graduate Student

The physiology party committee (me, Dave, Vivian and Nancy), started to accumulate a list of possible gifts and awards. The awards would just be simple paper certificates with gilded borders and the faculty names and awards printed on them. Producing something funny, but appropriate, for about 20 people, took a lot of thought and work. [...]

Chapter 18c. The Lighter Side of Being a Graduate Student

On the day of the competition, Ann was not in the audience. She could not bear to watch. I understood completely, and promised to call as soon as I was finished. I tried to make it clear that the longer it took me to call the better, because it would mean I was still “alive” [...]

Chapter 18b. The Lighter Side of Being a Graduate Student

While skateboarding was good transportation and exercise, it was not a regular exercise regimen. So I decided that I needed more exercise. I had done some karate in high school and was impressed by some friends who were very good at it, so I took up karate again. There was a large selection of karate [...]

Chapter 18a. The Lighter Side of Being a Graduate Student

  Chapter 18. The Lighter Side of Being a Graduate Student In nice weather, as noted earlier, I would often skateboard to and from the university. Ann drove to work, so sometimes I would get a ride with her and carry my skateboard as a means of local transportation. It was good exercise, and since [...]

My Graduate Education Series is Coming

Remember My Graduate Education will be published on my blog starting August 15th just in time for going back to school. Please keep reading my blog so you do not miss a chapter. Here is the table of contents: Introduction Foreword Chapter 1 – My Career as an Athletic Trainer Chapter 2 – The Cost [...]

What is 35,000 words long?

I’m just playing with you. My blog will be 35,000 words in this post. Hey guess what? My blog hit another milestone. It turned 35,000 words long. I did not know I had that much to say, but there you go passing 35,000 words of miscellaneous blather. I really have tried to provide a balance [...]

Nephew Birthday

So being the loving uncle I tried to play a practical joke on him.