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housekeeping on my site

 I’m not sure if I have done any housekeeping on my site in a while, so here are some updates. Concerning appearances, I’ve decided to not advertise when I’m traveling for personal security reasons. I’ll blog on conferences I attend after I have been and gone. The web site has seen continuous growth since its [...]

My Graduate Education Series is Coming

Remember My Graduate Education will be published on my blog starting August 15th just in time for going back to school. Please keep reading my blog so you do not miss a chapter. Here is the table of contents: Introduction Foreword Chapter 1 – My Career as an Athletic Trainer Chapter 2 – The Cost [...]

Publishing contracts for dummies

When I write an article, accepting no payment, while trying to educate medical professionals in saving lives; I should not be expected to take on an unlimited financial liability.

Oh to be 100.

Ever watch those sitcoms and other TV shows that celebrate their 100th episode? No, okay so I do not watch stuff like that either. But if you did, you would know that I was hinting that this is my 100th blog. Yes a little over 1 year and the blog is 100 blogs old. I [...]

A Bachelor’s Cookbook

Why is cast iron so appropriate to bachelors you ask, well it is because you really aren’t supposed to WASH it. What is more perfect than that for us disgusting non-neat freak bachelors than a pan that you can just wipe out and call clean.

Book Two

My Ambulance Education continues to sell at a brisk pace. In the past year I’ve been privileged to make connections with people in the trenches, reconnect with comrades from those days and work every day to do research that may benefit patients in the ambulance. I have said many times; working on the ambulance has [...]

Interview Concerning My Ambulance Education

Greg Friese interview; My Ambulance Education. Recently I was interviewed by Greg Friese concerning My Ambulance Education and it was great fun. Greg had graciously supplied me with some sample questions he would start with and that helped break the ice. We talked about the general contents of the book and why I wrote it. [...]