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My wonderful experience as a visiting professor in Japan

I was privileged enough to be asked to Ritsumeikan University  Shiga, Japan as an invited lecturer asked to give a series of lectures during their concentrated summer program. The theme of the lecture program was “brain pathologies and therapies.” Yes that is a broad topic, but they wanted personal expert presentations focusing on those areas [...]

Questions from a Parent of a Newly Diagnosed Creatine Transporter Deficiency Child

Joseph, Thank you for the explanation, it’s concise while remaining non-medical , exactly the right dosage of information to help folks like me

Federal Government Spending

The federal government is spending a lot of time and effort on a federal bailout or stimulus package. Some of this stimulus package money is going to medical research. Over ten billion dollars is allotted to the national institutes of health to fund medical research projects. This money is grant funding that is being done [...]

Helping People – Clinical Trials and the Lucky Placebo Group

you risk is a legacy of tombstones all with the epitaph, “the placebo group were the lucky ones

The Cost of Death

There needs to a component of humanity from us humans.

Book signing at Firefighters’ conference

I had my first book signing at the firefighter’s convention Saturday, April 25, 2009 in Indianapolis IN. This conference is huge with over 25,000 people from all over the country. The signing occurred at booth 301 with Firefighters Books (www.firebooks.com) from 11:00 to 1:30. It was great fun talking to new people on the job [...]

My First Book Signing.

This Saturday I am doing my first book signing. I’m not deluding myself in thinking it will be a big event. I am attending the FDIC conference (Fire fighters and EMTs) and signing books at one of the booksellers. The conference is in the Indianapolis Convention Center Thursday to Saturday April 22-25th. I’m looking forward [...]