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Chapter 4c. Reverse Road Trip

As it grew later and later, I found myself wondering what I was really doing, and what I expected in hooking up with Holly again. I wanted to stay up but was very tired. Jim and I were going to leave tomorrow morning, yet I knew that there was a more in-depth conversation Holly and [...]

Chapter 4b. Reverse Road Trip

The next thing I knew, Holly was standing in front of us with a smile on her face. She and I hugged briefly and she invited us in. With only Jim there, the two of us were able to catch up on each other’s comings and goings over the past few years. Holly worked part [...]

Chapter 4a. Reverse Road Trip

 Chapter 4. Reverse Road Trip The anatomy class was a lot of work and ground on uneventfully after the trip to Holly’s. My mugging adventure was quickly forgotten in all the class work. I concentrated on keeping up with the material and passing the class. I got into a routine of class, lab, study and [...]

Chapter 1b. My Career as an Athletic Trainer

Because it was a home game, we had a fairly standard procedure for such things; I called the head trainer and briefed him. It was decided that I was taking her to the hospital for x-rays and the emergency physician would call the team physician for orders after the injury had been assessed. Meanwhile the [...]

Chapter 1a. My Career as an Athletic Trainer

Chapter 1. My Career as an Athletic Trainer. As a child I always wanted to be a medical professional when I grew up. Some of my earliest memories are of being fascinated by biology and medicine. I wanted to be Einstein or a physician. I took my first first-aid course at the age of 13 [...]

Chapter 1 of My graduate education starts tomorrow

The first half of Chapter 1 of My Graduate Education will be posted Friday Aug 6 with the conclusion of Chapter 1 posted on Aug 9. Lots more to come.

Introduction to My Graduate Education:

Introduction to My Graduate Education: Why is “helping people” in quotes? “Helping people” is a cliché. People entering caring professions to “help people” are sadly too often not helpful or do not deal well with people. This is especially true when one is trying to help people who do not want to be helped. I [...]

My Graduate Education Series is Coming

Remember My Graduate Education will be published on my blog starting August 15th just in time for going back to school. Please keep reading my blog so you do not miss a chapter. Here is the table of contents: Introduction Foreword Chapter 1 – My Career as an Athletic Trainer Chapter 2 – The Cost [...]

Writing a Memoir and Expressing Emotions

For anyone who wants to know what it is like to write a memoir it is easy to give a brief philosophy that partially addresses that question. That is if you do not get yourself emotionally involved and in tears, you are not honest enough with what you are writing. What brings people to read [...]