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Federal Government Spending

The federal government is spending a lot of time and effort on a federal bailout or stimulus package. Some of this stimulus package money is going to medical research. Over ten billion dollars is allotted to the national institutes of health to fund medical research projects. This money is grant funding that is being done [...]

A survey from the US postal Service.

We have an expression for most of the USPS people that we come in contact with: “the walking retired.”

Helping People – Clinical Trials and the Lucky Placebo Group

you risk is a legacy of tombstones all with the epitaph, “the placebo group were the lucky ones

Dear NIH, Gods, Grant Me a Big Grant.

A grant proposal is a work of fiction, in literary terms, because it talks about stuff that has not happened.

Short Sighted Stroke Studies.

Short Sighted Stroke Studies. Excuse the alliteration in the title but it sums up my sentiments. I recently attended the American Heart Associations’ International Conference on Stroke and am sadly disappointed. The reason is because it seems that everything is geared to very short term immediate returns and little investment in the future. Please note, [...]

Helping People

When I worked on the ambulance I was doing that to ‘help people’ and my goal in my career over 20 years later is still to ‘help people.’ On the ambulance and when I worked in the Emergency room I was helping people one person at a time. That was rewarding, frustrating and hard work, [...]