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Audio of an interview with me concerning concussion prevention.

This is an interview with my on WJOX, concerning concussion prevention. an interview with me concerning concussion prevention

My wonderful experience as a visiting professor in Japan

I was privileged enough to be asked to Ritsumeikan University  Shiga, Japan as an invited lecturer asked to give a series of lectures during their concentrated summer program. The theme of the lecture program was “brain pathologies and therapies.” Yes that is a broad topic, but they wanted personal expert presentations focusing on those areas [...]

Guanidino Acid Methyl Transferase (GAMT) support group on facebook conversation thread on ornithine and creatine results.

The following is an annotated and redacted conversation from the GAMT support group on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/189179557787307/. Some of us participated in the dialogue and wanted to share this with the broader community. I’ve tried to stay true to the meaning and provide transitions between comments from individuals participating in the discussion. Please remember to always [...]

Discovery of a treatment for one of the causes of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Creatine transporter deficiency

We have published a paper showing our discovery of a true treatment for ONE of the causes of autism. The type of autism spectrum disorder is the creatine transporter deficiency, where the brain lacks creatine because it cannot be transported into the brain.

“New” for Ten Years.

Everyone knows that Aspirin would never be approved as a drug today because of all the complications

A funny conference chair solution

Funny story at conference. I was attending a scientific conference recently which consisted of a series of short talks given by renowned scientists. The session was organized by a leading scientist in the field who invited the speakers and directed them to cover the key scientific subjects of the field to form a theme in [...]

The following is an unpaid advertisement and an example of shameless self promotion.

As far as I’m concerned if you have any aspirations of a future in emergency services of any sort, seeing my face on a podcast should be in your future.

Chapter 18d. The Lighter Side of Being a Graduate Student

The physiology party committee (me, Dave, Vivian and Nancy), started to accumulate a list of possible gifts and awards. The awards would just be simple paper certificates with gilded borders and the faculty names and awards printed on them. Producing something funny, but appropriate, for about 20 people, took a lot of thought and work. [...]

Chapter 18c. The Lighter Side of Being a Graduate Student

On the day of the competition, Ann was not in the audience. She could not bear to watch. I understood completely, and promised to call as soon as I was finished. I tried to make it clear that the longer it took me to call the better, because it would mean I was still “alive” [...]

Chapter 18b. The Lighter Side of Being a Graduate Student

While skateboarding was good transportation and exercise, it was not a regular exercise regimen. So I decided that I needed more exercise. I had done some karate in high school and was impressed by some friends who were very good at it, so I took up karate again. There was a large selection of karate [...]