Review 1)
This book is a true, unvarnished account of what it is like in the trenches of EMS. Some of the tales will be shocking for those not in this line of work, but that’s the way life is in these particular trenches. If you want to know what it’s like to be (1) a paramedic, (2) an ER doc, (3) an ER nurse, or many other related fields, this book will give you a true feel for the job and its difficulty. I recommend this book highly.

Review 2)
The book starts with a punch just like when EMTs and Paramedics are awoken from a deep sleep. The raw and honest stories tell a real-life view of what both volunteers and paid providers face as part of the ambulance crews who take care of all of us. Dr. Clark writes of his emergency medical responses, his personal growth and his private tales.

Anyone who wants to read about the excitement and unusual roadside and residence tales faced by EMS every day must read this book. For the seasoned volunteer and professional there will be a lot of nodding in agreement with Dr. Clark’s treatments and emergency department interactions. For those considering joining “the ranks” this book will provide a down-to-earth expectation of what lies ahead.
This is one of the few books that portray EMS as it really is.

Read “My Ambulance Education: Life and Death on the Streets of the City” by Dr. Joseph Clark and appreciate EMS responders – BEFORE you need them!

From another review
“As the [book] title implies, EDUCATION is in there too.”