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Guanidino Acid Methyl Transferase (GAMT) support group on facebook conversation thread on ornithine and creatine results.

The following is an annotated and redacted conversation from the GAMT support group on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/189179557787307/. Some of us participated in the dialogue and wanted to share this with the broader community. I’ve tried to stay true to the meaning and provide transitions between comments from individuals participating in the discussion. Please remember to always [...]

Tell the NIH what research they should support

Currently the NIH’s child care institute is asking for your opinion on what it should pursue. Please tell them what diseases they should focus on. With the right information and right leadership we can help many of the 80,000 people with these disorders.

NIH and Grant Review

I recently had the dubious distinction to participate in and serve on an national institutes of health grant review called an NIH study section. I’ve done this before and have reviewed lots of grants over the years, but there have been a lot of changes recently and it is a whole new experience that is [...]

Medical Practitioners and Ambulance Personnel

Dear EMS practitioners, I apologize in advance if some of this is indelicate, but it is one person’s opinion and is intended to advance the profession. Yours truly, Joe Clark Prehospital care is medical treatment and care that is given by ambulance personnel, often in an ambulance. EMTs and paramedics provide a wide range services [...]

Federal Government Spending

The federal government is spending a lot of time and effort on a federal bailout or stimulus package. Some of this stimulus package money is going to medical research. Over ten billion dollars is allotted to the national institutes of health to fund medical research projects. This money is grant funding that is being done [...]

Dear NIH, Gods, Grant Me a Big Grant.

A grant proposal is a work of fiction, in literary terms, because it talks about stuff that has not happened.

The Cost of Death

There needs to a component of humanity from us humans.

Short Sighted Stroke Studies.

Short Sighted Stroke Studies. Excuse the alliteration in the title but it sums up my sentiments. I recently attended the American Heart Associations’ International Conference on Stroke and am sadly disappointed. The reason is because it seems that everything is geared to very short term immediate returns and little investment in the future. Please note, [...]

Importance of the next breakthrough idea

In science ideas are like a currency and often better than money. A scientist is only as valuable as their NEXT idea. Yes, I said next idea. Once the idea is made public it is no longer novel and loses value. If the idea is not patented it can be taken by anyone and changed [...]

Humorous Calculations Concerning the Stimulus Package

So here is some math that I find very humorous. The NIH announced two months ago their challenge grants in support of the stimulus package, also known as ARRA. In the challenge grants it was announced that 200 grants would be awarded 1 million dollars each. That is the amount of the stimulus package for [...]