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Guanidino Acid Methyl Transferase (GAMT) support group on facebook conversation thread on ornithine and creatine results.

The following is an annotated and redacted conversation from the GAMT support group on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/189179557787307/. Some of us participated in the dialogue and wanted to share this with the broader community. I’ve tried to stay true to the meaning and provide transitions between comments from individuals participating in the discussion. Please remember to always [...]

The Mayo Clinic does not care if it dispenses WRONG information

what is out on the web needs to be examined carefully and often can be dangerously inadequate.

housekeeping on my site

 I’m not sure if I have done any housekeeping on my site in a while, so here are some updates. Concerning appearances, I’ve decided to not advertise when I’m traveling for personal security reasons. I’ll blog on conferences I attend after I have been and gone. The web site has seen continuous growth since its [...]

Introduction to My Graduate Education:

Introduction to My Graduate Education: Why is “helping people” in quotes? “Helping people” is a cliché. People entering caring professions to “help people” are sadly too often not helpful or do not deal well with people. This is especially true when one is trying to help people who do not want to be helped. I [...]

Just a brief update

July 2010 showed a 25% increase in traffic to this blog. Thanks for visiting. Let me give you some bits of information. The blog is now connected to 3 RSS and companion blog feeds. I plan on starting two blog series: one in August concerning “My Graduate Education” and one a brief teaching series that [...]

My Graduate Education Series is Coming

Remember My Graduate Education will be published on my blog starting August 15th just in time for going back to school. Please keep reading my blog so you do not miss a chapter. Here is the table of contents: Introduction Foreword Chapter 1 – My Career as an Athletic Trainer Chapter 2 – The Cost [...]

A couple things on the horizon

I have two blogs written and queued up ready to post on line. They are about things that will be happening in the near future. I am waiting for “official” okay to announce what is coming but have to contain myself for now. Nonetheless, I’ve got two new gigs in the works and can hardly wait [...]

A survey from the US postal Service.

We have an expression for most of the USPS people that we come in contact with: “the walking retired.”

What is 35,000 words long?

I’m just playing with you. My blog will be 35,000 words in this post. Hey guess what? My blog hit another milestone. It turned 35,000 words long. I did not know I had that much to say, but there you go passing 35,000 words of miscellaneous blather. I really have tried to provide a balance [...]

Book Review of My Ambulance Education

By writing My Ambulance Education Joe brings the challenges and rewards to a lot of people. EMS professionals toil in relative anonymity. Joe brings the world of EMS to a general audience that is captivating and respectful.