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Chapter 12c. My First Scientific Meeting

Attending a big scientific convention like The Biophysics Meeting was an opportunity to meet some of my heroes in person. I was giddy with anticipation at the prospect. I searched through the list of names and abstracts looking for names and subjects that might be related or important to my work. There were lots of [...]

Chapter 12b. My First Scientific Meeting

Dr. Dillon and I talked at length about my work and what I wanted to present at the meeting. We wrote up an abstract of the research data and started making plans to attend the meeting. Planning to attend a meeting like this takes time. The written abstract is submitted in October for a meeting [...]

Chapter 12a. My First Scientific Meeting

Chapter 12. My First Scientific Meeting  The physiology graduate students and I formed a nice little study group to relate our trials and tribulations to each other concerning classes and the physiology faculty. We could compare notes on classes, make suggestions as to classes or faculty advisors and just listen when things were going wrong. [...]

Medical Practitioners and Ambulance Personnel

Dear EMS practitioners, I apologize in advance if some of this is indelicate, but it is one person’s opinion and is intended to advance the profession. Yours truly, Joe Clark Prehospital care is medical treatment and care that is given by ambulance personnel, often in an ambulance. EMTs and paramedics provide a wide range services [...]

Check out the link to EMS responder

http://www.emsresponder.com/readingroom/ Or the direct link: http://www.emsresponder.com/web/online/Reading-Room/QandA-with-Joseph-F-Clark–PhD/55$13359  will take you to EMSresponder.com where My Ambulance Education is featured along with some other EMS books. It includes a full chapter excerpt and an interview with me.

Why I think Oprah should promote My Ambulance Education.

Why I think Oprah should promote My Ambulance Education. It has all the characteristics she tends to promote. In it there is a great human interest concerning people helping people. There is a solid foundation of the common man working to improve his life and overcoming adversity. This is overlaid in it a touching love [...]

What does it take to be an expert?

There are people who proclaim themselves as experts. But how does one become a perceived an expert? Having a lot of information on a subject does not make an expert. A text book has a lot of knowledge but that text book will not answer a question without someone looking in it and it needs [...]

Geeks, Research and Ambulances

The National Institutes of Health fund about 40,000 grants to do medical research. Of those funded projects only 14 have to do with medical research in the pre-hospital setting. This is just sad. Over 50% of all medical emergencies that come to hospitals arrive via the ambulance. Paramedics, firefighters, EMTs, Police and a host of [...]