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Chapter 1a. My Career as an Athletic Trainer

Chapter 1. My Career as an Athletic Trainer. As a child I always wanted to be a medical professional when I grew up. Some of my earliest memories are of being fascinated by biology and medicine. I wanted to be Einstein or a physician. I took my first first-aid course at the age of 13 [...]

Introduction to My Graduate Education:

Introduction to My Graduate Education: Why is “helping people” in quotes? “Helping people” is a cliché. People entering caring professions to “help people” are sadly too often not helpful or do not deal well with people. This is especially true when one is trying to help people who do not want to be helped. I [...]

Medical Practitioners and Ambulance Personnel

Dear EMS practitioners, I apologize in advance if some of this is indelicate, but it is one person’s opinion and is intended to advance the profession. Yours truly, Joe Clark Prehospital care is medical treatment and care that is given by ambulance personnel, often in an ambulance. EMTs and paramedics provide a wide range services [...]

Check out the link to EMS responder

http://www.emsresponder.com/readingroom/ Or the direct link: http://www.emsresponder.com/web/online/Reading-Room/QandA-with-Joseph-F-Clark–PhD/55$13359  will take you to EMSresponder.com where My Ambulance Education is featured along with some other EMS books. It includes a full chapter excerpt and an interview with me.

Why is a bike on the front of a car a bad idea?

There are two types of people; Those who think transporting a bike on the front of a car is ok and those who do not. I was peripherally involved in a conversation between two people who had differing views on where to carry bikes when driving. The conversation started because local busses will take bike [...]

A day in the Emergency Room

I had a chance to spend the day in an emergency room this past week. Fortunately it was not because of an emergency for myself or loved one. Rather I was shadowing a physician to evaluate technologies used in the emergency room and to help identify areas of technological improvement. This was an interesting assignment [...]

Research in the Ambulance

I do stroke research and research associated with neurologic emergencies. During a stroke and after some kinds of head injuries one million brain cells can die per minute. As minutes tick by more and more of the brain is irreversibly lost. Ambulance personnel know when this is happening based on their training, but medical technology [...]

Drunks are a part of the job.

Drunks are a part of the job. That is the theme of one of the chapters in “My Ambulance Education” but it is also a statement of the obvious for ambulance and emergency personnel. I would however like to mention that a majority of drunks who are given quality care by emergency service workers are [...]

EMS in the Streets and ED

There is a big difference between the medicine that occurs in the streets with ambulance personnel and the emergency medicine that is practiced in emergency departments. Despite the differences there is a closeness between those people and their respective disciplines. Both sets of people who work these jobs see humanity at its best and WORST. [...]