My nephew wanted to visit me on his 18th birthday. Why an 18 year old wants to be with his 47 year old uncle on his birthday I do not know. Maybe it is because I promised to take him to Hooters for the spicy wings. I’m sure it was the wings.

So being the loving uncle I tried to play a practical joke on him. I asked my sister, his mother, if I could give him the zero alcohol beer on his birthday. I had planned on buying bottles and changing the labels to look real. I’d serve it open with frosted mugs so he would not see the bottle cap. She said no. She said it might give him a taste for beer.

So I contrived with him to tell her that I gave him beer. That way she would think that I might or might not have done the near beer joke. He said no. No one in my family has a sense of humor.

In the end, I took him to Hooters and had the waitresses sing to him and videoed it. Wait until he gets married, that video will come in handy.